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So, I was tagged by @Goyo and @NerukaWong to do this challenge, and it was a bit difficult because I am not attacked by feels too often xD but here it is~ five scenes that gave me the feels~ There are some SERIOUS SPOILERS in this so watch at your own risk ^^

Setsuko's death in Grave of the Fireflies:

When I think of feels this is the first movie I think of. This movie ruined me ;-; I cried a lot. Trust me guys, if you want to watch this be ready to cry.

Hide's death in Tokyo Ghoul:

If you've seen this anime you know Hide was just the sweetest little kid ever ;-; and seeing this happen crushed my little heart.

Naruto - Jiraiya's death:

If you saw this and didn't cry you guys are heartless ;-;

Natsu Kitty in Pain:

This was my favorite scene ever xD I love cats, I feel for her~

Baka and Test - Himeji's lethal cooking

This was one of the silliest animes I have seen, and I just loved this part of the show xD
So, I tried to make the last two less depressing~ and for the tagging I only want to tag @TaeMinniesWife ^^ sorry I don't know a lot of people~~ xp
@poojas it really was ;-; but I tried to make it less depressing towards the end~ I needed to cheer myself up after the first videos T^T
Why do you gotta give me all these feels @SunnyV T^T Tokyo Ghoul was an emotional disaster lol
@sunnyV u picked Jiraiya dying... oh good god... I had to watch the video when Naruto hears about his death...
@SunnyV Awwww. I did the same. Picked a badass anime fight scene haha XD
@Goyo I was debating between Naruto's reaction and watching Jiraiya die. Both scenes really broke my heart ;-; it was hard to decide