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For as long as Skeleton-kind has existed. So too, has the dreaded fuckboys existed. So long have we fought and so long have we had the upper hand, but I fear...As a Skeleton War General that we might have a chance of losing our advantage this Halloween. So, I am asking from the bottom of my chest cavity for all those that love being a still walking, free skeleton enlist in the war today!
It is true that the skeleton war is a grueling exercise of blood shed and horror, but it is necessary! We must push back the fuckboys and teach them that they have no place on our SkeleEarth! Look above, witness real footage taken of one of our more famous battles!
There are many ways we kill these heathens and nonbelievers. Sword and shield gets boring yes? So look above at some of the other ways you can do away with your enemies.
Now then, with all war comes tragedies and damage to both sides.
How deaths affect the skeletons: 1.We are dismantled and sold in places like Wal-Mart as bags of bones! 2.We mourn our fallen brothers and buy out the Wal-Marts 3.We rip the skeletons from death fuckboys in order to make new soldiers. 4. Mr.Skeltal cries everytime one of us fall. How deaths affect the fuckboys: 1. They don't care and turn their swag hats. 2. They die because a skeleton avenges his/her fallen brother/sister. 3. They rush to write "R.I.P" on tombstones to stop the automatic draft into the skeleton war but we dont let then.
But some do find peace among the fighting....
So join the skeletons while you still have the chance! We will be waiting!
when you die, if they don't put R.I.P on your tombstone, you're automatically drafted into the skeleton war. I'm game.
I AM LAUGHING SO HARD. Sir, this might be my favorite card published into the Funny community in a long, long time. I have learned so much about the great Skeleton War, and hope that I too can become a famous veteran in my time.