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OKAY! So I was challenged to do the Hollywood Heartthrob Challenge by @TessStevens @danidee Here are mine. Once again, I'm about humor and goofs, so these guys are the ruggedly handsome men that have my heart in Hollywood.
Owen Wilson ... omg... I have liked him for as long as I can remember. He's been one of my favorite Hollywood actors... YOU GUYS DIDN'T KNOW?! I'M COMPLETELY HIS WIFEY *CRIES IN 10LB TUB OF COOKIE DOUGH*
Vince Vaughn! ACK! THE FEELS!! Again childhood crush here. Excuse me while I collect Mai feels!
Jack Black!!! THIS GUY COULD ASK ME TO MARRY HIM TODAY AND I WOULD!! Also he's fantastic with words. I love him... *Le sigh*
NOW we come to Gerard Butler... O.M.G like please love me... I want to see your eyes and smile please everyday of my life...
And I'm ending it on this guy Johnny Yummy Depp... The man of a thousand faces!! He's gorgeous! @shannonl5 @ButterflyBlu Just so y'all can see!! Disclaimer* I don't own the material used!
@danidee yes!! We'd be one kickass crew!
Me too. I feel like me you and @ButterflyBlu have a crew lol.
@danidee that sounds like a fantastic time. My brother, friends and I would always just out of nowhere sing them. @ButterflyBlu yes!♡ Gerard Butler is yum!
Gerard. Butler. You know he'll be number one on my list...
Wait wait, so when Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were in Wedding Crashers together, which one was the one you had a crush on more???
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