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Hollywood Heartthrob Challenge!
OKAY! So I was challenged to do the Hollywood Heartthrob Challenge by @TessStevens @danidee Here are mine. Once again, I'm about humor and goofs, so these guys are the ruggedly handsome men that have my heart in Hollywood.
Owen Wilson ... omg... I have liked him for as long as I can remember. He's been one of my favorite Hollywood actors... YOU GUYS DIDN'T KNOW?! I'M COMPLETELY HIS WIFEY *CRIES IN 10LB TUB OF COOKIE DOUGH*
Vince Vaughn! ACK! THE FEELS!! Again childhood crush here. Excuse me while I collect Mai feels!
Jack Black!!! THIS GUY COULD ASK ME TO MARRY HIM TODAY AND I WOULD!! Also he's fantastic with words. I love him... *Le sigh*
NOW we come to Gerard Butler... O.M.G like please love me... I want to see your eyes and smile please everyday of my life...
And I'm ending it on this guy Johnny Yummy Depp... The man of a thousand faces!! He's gorgeous! @shannonl5 @ButterflyBlu Just so y'all can see!! Disclaimer* I don't own the material used!
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