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❤Full Name❤ Brittany ❤Favorite Kpop Group❤ SHINee! ❤Where do you live❤ Oklahoma ❤What do you want to be when you grow up❤ Gawd idk Im already grown up and I have no idea.... Minhos towl girl, Just there to dab his forhead lol ❤Favorite Food❤ Kimbap!! It is so good, I could eat it all day <3 ❤Hobbies❤ Korean! XD as a hobby I like to watch korean shows, listen to kpop and learn the language! Gaming! I love playing all games! board games, roleplay, console, physical games, anything! I have an xbox one that I mostly game on. Markiplier is my favorite gamer to watch on Youtube, he is so funny! Anime! I am in a very active anime club in my city! I am on the board as Director of Planning ^^ ❤3 likes & dislikes❤ like Korean food with soju! It's a great combo Fan Fiction! Its just the best >.< Gag Concert, its a korean comedy skit show. Its so funny I can watch it for hours! dislike Rude people, try to think to others Drama! I hate unnecessary stress and drama. Mushrooms, they're gross
❤Something about me❤ Hmmm I just turned 24 and I like to go to Renaissance Faires! I have worked them and done stage combat shows but I mainly enjoy going and walking around. Seeing others costumes and going to shows! I own lots of weapons for stage combat... Oh i like to dye my hair awesome colors ^^ I was tagged by a few people! Sorry I cant find who in the notifications right now! (Ill look and add them when I can!)
Oklahoma! I'm up there a lot since I have family there. Kimbap!!! I literally could eat it all day everyday. When you become Minho's towel girl you should set me up as Key's towel girl. 😁
@B1A4BTS5ever could you tag, i cant get a list right now >.< Pleasseee
"Korean food with soju!" haha we are basically twins!!!!
@vixenvivi aww any tips on finding a good place to get it done? obviously you live in Oklahoma and I live in New york so specific salon names won't work 😂😂 so any tips on how to identify a good coloring salon??
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