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About Me!
❤Full Name❤ Brittany ❤Favorite Kpop Group❤ SHINee! ❤Where do you live❤ Oklahoma ❤What do you want to be when you grow up❤ Gawd idk Im already grown up and I have no idea.... Minhos towl girl, Just there to dab his forhead lol ❤Favorite Food❤ Kimbap!! It is so good, I could eat it all day <3 ❤Hobbies❤ Korean! XD as a hobby I like to watch korean shows, listen to kpop and learn the language! Gaming! I love playing all games! board games, roleplay, console, physical games, anything! I have an xbox one that I mostly game on. Markiplier is my favorite gamer to watch on Youtube, he is so funny! Anime! I am in a very active anime club in my city! I am on the board as Director of Planning ^^ ❤3 likes & dislikes❤ like Korean food with soju! It's a great combo Fan Fiction! Its just the best >.< Gag Concert, its a korean comedy skit show. Its so funny I can watch it for hours! dislike Rude people, try to think to others Drama! I hate unnecessary stress and drama. Mushrooms, they're gross
❤Something about me❤ Hmmm I just turned 24 and I like to go to Renaissance Faires! I have worked them and done stage combat shows but I mainly enjoy going and walking around. Seeing others costumes and going to shows! I own lots of weapons for stage combat... Oh i like to dye my hair awesome colors ^^ I was tagged by a few people! Sorry I cant find who in the notifications right now! (Ill look and add them when I can!)
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@ErinGregory Im going to korea town for sure but cant take off that much work =[
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@vixenvivi aww any tips on finding a good place to get it done? obviously you live in Oklahoma and I live in New york so specific salon names won't work 😂😂 so any tips on how to identify a good coloring salon??
2 years ago·Reply
@tayunnie Honestly Ive always went to some after asking a random person with colored hair. If you see someone ask where they get it done. Find out the kind of dye they use and look it up too if you can
2 years ago·Reply
@vivenvivi awesome thanks!!
2 years ago·Reply
Yaaaay this is so great ^_^ I've got some serious renn faire envy I haven't gone in ages
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