So @TessStevens tagged me in her super brilliant Hollywood Heartthrob Challenge, and @AimeeH, @danidee, and her all have made cards that got me super hyped to do this!
I just had to pin down which three (this is a loose Hollywood Heartthrobs I wanted to feature... I literally have a crush on errbody.
But I think I figured it out you guys!
So here we go!

1. Dev Patel

I have been charmed by this gorgeous man ever since first generation Skins, and everything (except for the movie that shall not be named) he has done after that has made me love him ever more.
Also he is British, so the accent.

2. Lee Pace

Perfect man alert. You know you are far down the rabbit hole when even a blue psycho murderer zelot trying to destroy an entire planet makes you swoon. Thank you Lee Pace.
Although you will always be precious as the pie maker if I wanna see you act like a cutie.

3. Zachary Levi

Another perfect man alert. I fell in love with him in Chuck, and just haven't managed to shake that. Like, voicing a Disney prince (thief), you got me. He's just a big cute nerd.
Still kicking myself that I was in NYC when his Broadway show was playing and I didn't go see him and Krysta Rodriguez be cute together.


*because who said heart-throbs are strictly male*

4. Natalie Dormer

I can't handle her. I just can't.
I would watch anything with her in it. I don't even need to know what the plot is. Natalie Dormer is in it, I am there.

5. Amber Heard

So I use to have this fantasy that, since she grew up in Austin, that we would be there at the same time and just lock eyes and get married. Like congrats on being happy and in love with Johnny Depp, but we could have had something.
Also that gif with the gun..Drive Angry is super underrated bad grindcore btw. If you like pointless violence and super dramatic bad acting, get on that. It is superb.
There are my 3 (5 cough cough).
Picking three is toooooo hard!!!!!
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OMG NO, I LIED. IT WAS AMY SMART. Wait, but I did see Natalie Dormer in something recently........... was it Elementary?
@danidee AH. Yes she was in Elementary but not super a lot. But enough to be a bad ass amazingness.
I'll have to watch more of her stuff! When did you first discover her? (And omg, I love Anna Kendrick. Aubrey Plaza is my ultimate lady crush and they're bffs!)
@danidee omg Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza's Twitter interactions are so adorable. I knew her back when she played Anne Boleyn on The Tutors, but I never really watched, so I just thought she was pretty from afar. Then I caught her first episode of Game of Thrones and immediately fell in love. Now I just try and see everything I can lol
YES. I LOVE their Twitter interactions too. Aubrey is like, Anna's psycho friend and Anna keeps Aubrey grounded and out of a straight jacket lol.