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Since the Big Bang US Tour is coming up, I've got them on my mind. After all, Big Bang was my first REAL bias group!! (Didn't know that, did ya? TOP was my ultimate bias for a lootttttt of years).
Anyways, since it's now been more than 9 years since they debuted in 2006, I thought it'd be fun to look at a song or two from every year since then for Big Bang to get ready for their tour!!

Let's go, Big Bang!

2006 - Dirty Cash

2006 Big Bang still makes me giggle, like, so much.

2007 - Last Farewell

2008 - Haru Haru


2009 - Lollipop (with 2NE1)!

This was a year when all of the Big Bang releases were either in Japanese, or they were solo projects (aka HEARTBREAKER by GD!!!!). But it's cool because we got Lollipop with 2ne1, which is such a fun classic!!

2010 - Wedding Dress (Taeyang)

Don't Leave (GD & Top)

Another year where there weren't any new Korean song releases, but these two sub group releases were really, really notable :) The first GD&TOP song came out at this time!

2011 - Tonight

Love Song also came out this year, as did Beautiful Hangover!!!

2012 - Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby, Monster, Blue and That XX (GD)!


The ENTIRE Still Alive album is so good, so I put all three single MVs here, but this is also the year that GD's One of a Kind album came out (WHAT A GREAT YEAR!!!!!!!!) so I put one of his MVs at the end too, just for fun :)

2013 - Crooked (GD), Gotta Talk to U (Seungri) Doom Dada (TOP)

This is another year that Big Bang as a whole didn't release anything, but GD released his amazing Coup D'etat album, TOP released "Doom Dada" and Seungri released "Gotta Talk to U"! Daesung was releasing a Japanese album at this time, too.

2014 - Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang), Look at me, Gwisun (Daesung)

More solo stuff, this time from Daesung (in Japanese) and Taeyang's HUGELY popular song! Good Boy came out this year, too.

2015 - Sober

MADE was released this year, and while all the songs are great, this one is my favorite! I know a lot of people prefer Bae Bae, though ^^

This doesn't even begin to cover everything Big Bang!

According to wiki, they have released two Korean studio albums, four Japanese studio albums, five Korean EP, two Japanese EPs, six Japanese compilations albums, 18 official Korean singles, and eight official Japanese singles.
That's a lotta music.

So VIPs, which songs are still your favorites after alllllllll these years?!

@AnnahiZaragoza @Marilovexoxo I'm glad both of you included haru haru and wedding dress!! for me those are both SUCH classics!!!
Haru Haru, Wedding Dress, Beautiful Hangover, and many more ♡
The Last Farewell was my first Big Bang song ever omg the memories!!! I love this card!
wedding dress , haru haru , all of GD's songs , eyes noses lips and alot more
blue haru haru lollipop and many more