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Yes, SM is scary.

But! They make some pretty fantastic creepy music videos.
Below are a list of MVs that are super creepy to get you in the Halloween mood!

Married to the Music

Key loses his head, Taemin loses his eyes, everyone turns green, Minho gets set on fire, and everyone is still having a great time at the party. I know whose birthday party invites I'm going to be declining this year!
Watch it >>here<<


SM somehow got twelve boys to turn into wolves that aren't embarrassing or silly like in Twilight. Hats off to SM for that one. This is a sophisticated but creepy take on a modern werewolf.
Watch it >>here<<

Red Light

They're either witches or spies or both and I love it. They're randomly burning books and cursing people and running from the police and just being general badasses with their spooky makeup.
Watch it >>here<<

Ring Ding Dong

Are they angels? Demons? Vampires? No one really knows. All I know is that they're winged dancers rocking out on a roof top looking fresh as hell.
Watch it >>here<<


I still don't know why they're dressed as monks and being generally freaky as hell in this music video but I'm not complaining. This scene is iconic and the whole rest of the video is just as dark.
Watch it >>here<<


Still one of my favorite music videos from SM. TVXQ is being kidnapped and tortured in all kinds of ways (Yunho is being tied up with ribbons? Changmin is in a dark swimming pool? There's just a lot of weird going on and its great.
Watch it >>here<<

Happy Halloween from Satansoo!

tbh the chinese version of mama terrifies me the most. from xiumin's facepaint to it sounding demonic as hell. to this day i can't listen to it without shuddering
tbh Kai in MAMA scared the hell out of me when I first watched it lol
Satansoo I love you!
Mama is freaky especially the chant
Married To The Music and Mama are my favorite!!
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