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Every year, Congress has to pass something. Yes, the HAVE to pass something and actually make a decision. What is it you might ask? A budget.
The only thing is the GOP wants to put and end to Planned Parenthood funding for several reasons: leaked videos (that might or might not be edited), and the fact they do not support funding about $500 million towards things like treating STDs and providing contraception.
While Congress is still investigating the leaked videos, they refuse to approve the budget. As it has become not just the budget, but what they argue is a moral issue. Abortion is always a seriously controversial topic in DC and around the country. And this is what it’s coming to.

Congress has until October 1st to vote on a budget, or it could be looking at a shutdown.

John Boehner (who resigned as Speaker of the House but is still there for a while) is still working his butt off to keep Congress alive. Let’s see if he can keep this rolling or if the government will call it kaputz.
Congress is like that stubborn friend you have. You know the one, that guy who refuses to leave the club even when they start playing “Closing Time." Just let it go dude. Get over your own personal problems, and make things happen.
Doesn't the Hyde Amendment prevent the use of federal funds for abortion? I know PP is a provider but they'd have to get the funds for those procedures through donations, insurance, or patient payment.
The money they use is not for that, but conservatives argue that money going to the organization that provides that anyway is a bad idea. It’s all very confusing to me too @shannonl5