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The Death Penalty is a widely debated and reviled concept. This Wednesday at 12:21A.M. it reared it's ugly head.

Kelly Gissendaner, a Georgia woman who was sentenced to death in 1998 for convincing her boyfriend to murder her husband, was executed via lethal injection.
We did away with the Death Penalty in a lot of states...but in 1976 under the tutelage of the devil himself, Richard Nixon it came back with a vengeance and now a new generation of people are dealing with the consequences.
Despite three separate pleas for Clemency to the Supreme Court, Georgia board of pardons, and 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, video statements from her children, and a letter from the POPE himself, the execution was carried out.
Guess Georgia had something to prove.
Earlier this week, during the great Papal visit of 2015, Pope Francis pleaded with the United States congress to abolish the Death Penalty entirely. A view widely held across the nation by many liberals and moderates alike.
Gissendaner's execution was held off two other times. The first, scheduled for February 25th was put off due to weather concerns. The second, scheduled for March 2nd was delayed because of a concern with the drug administration...citing a "cloudy" look to the injection liquid.
The third time was successful and Gissendaner passed away at 12:21A.M. Wednesday 9/31/15.
Gissendaner was the first woman executed in Georgia for nearly 70 years. It shows how far we've stepped away from the Death Penalty, but brings us back to a fundamental argument:

Is it morally correct to kill people to prove that killing people is wrong?

Seems a bit sad and counter-intuitive right?
The event has sparked massive debate.
The issue is sensitive. There are people involved whose lives have been shattered by the initial crime committed, and now they're coping with another loss. It would be hard to live with the fact that your mother had your father killed...and then, years later to go through a national case involving her execution. Hard stuff.
Most media gets these things twisted up, and they cause pain to the parties involved.
Here, I want to discuss the issue at hand and maybe spark some productive discussion. Yes, the story is newsworthy and sensational...but what is the real issue? It's death. Right? What is the proper course of action regarding crimes? What's the punishment?
I don't believe we should kill people for killing people you know? I think it would be a lot worse to live with your actions, and consequences. It would be a more just form of punishment. Plus, death begets death. These kinds of events can spark more violence. It's just not worth it. Let the person who commits the crime live with it. It's not the country or state's right to choose who lives and who dies in the justice system. It's their right to get justice.

What is your stance on the Death Penalty?

I personally do not agree with this sentence, and feel the U.S. should get rid of the death penalty entirely. It could be the naive side of me, but I think any human can be a productive citizen with help and guidance. I also think that we should never have the right to decide when someone should live or not. just my moral standpoint.
Also there have been cases where people have been proven innocent years after they were sentenced to life in prison. The death penalty has to go. You could potentially take away the life of an innocent person and the scary part is that, it could be done under the current system.
I mean, she committed a crime. I'm more with @ButterflyBlu on this, where living with the consequences of your crimes. Whether it's "deserved" or not doesn't fall on the government and court system. I think it's more of a moral matter. And lots of people don't care about moral clauses. hence the argument.
in class my history teacher was talking about this and my teacher said the lady had it comin and she deserved it omg
@ButterflyBlu yes. It is. And yeah. It's really hard to deal with. When we feel like we know what the solution is, yet we ca't put it into action. And @shannonl5 I'm glad you brought up the expense issue. I think that should appeal to republicans more than anything. Cost cutting measures. I think rehabilitation, education and job placement for inmates and reformed criminals is the solution. I just fear that people up top aren't willing to give up the For-Profit Prison system and that...makes me sick. It makes me believe that the American Dream went down a long time ago.
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