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Halloween is coming up, so that means you'll probably see about 3 people with the same costume as you at the Halloween party. BUT....there's always the option of being super creative and coming up with your own costume. As I get older, I just want a costume that's going to be easy on my pocketbook, but creative enough for compliments in the form of tequila-soaked gummy bears. ;)

So what better way to celebrate Halloween by being the SEXY SHAKIRA!?

One of her most memorable outfits was the black piece in She Wolf.

For this outfit, use a black unitard and cut out the right shoulder, a hole on the right side of the stomach, and cut the the left leg. Finish the look with long, layered blond wig, black boots, and long red nails!

You may also create the costume with a leotard and add leggings to one leg.

Happy Almost Halloween!

Yaaaaasssssssss work! Seems easy enough
^_^ yes!!!! @TessStevens