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Weird title, I know. BUT, it's because I somehow manage to get my mom interested in the Attack on Titan live action movie. Me and my little sister were talking about the movie and my mom (being the noisy mother as always xD) wanted to know what we were talking about. This threw me off because my mom has NEVER shown interest in anything anime related in the years we have seen anime. Taking this EXTREMELY RARE opportunity, I showed her the official trailer of the live action movie. All this happened about a month ago and she is still interested about the movie! I'm not going to lie, I feel extremely proud because she finally is interested in something that my siblings and I enjoy. My challenge is now finding the movie available in Spanish since she does not understand English that well ._.
*Side Note* saw part one online. it was alright. was not digging the love triangle (I think it was a love triangle?) not knowledgeable with movies, but for me, it would have been fine without it. My favorite is definitely Hans, one of the few that were close to the characters in the anime.
I do have to say tho, I was pleased with the actual titans, I just really wish they had kept at least a few more things. My daughter wants to see the part 2 only because she said he doesn't feel right just watching one part Lol. My kids take after me, I'm so proud XD LOL
The love triangle and romance they tried to throw in, threw us way off. My son was really upset with the whole story line, and I was kind of disappointed but expected it.
I haven't seen it yet, but you have to keep in mind that they had to make changes to make it appeal to a broader audience. I cannot wait to see it!
Same here, I need to see part two because it won't feel right just watching part 1. Hans is by far my favorite in the movie XD
it was really unnecessary to even have it it the first place but it's there
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