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We all know that the 90s was an amazing decade.

When it came to music in the 90s, the industry was filled with some of the best including the original scream queen herself -- Mariah Carey. From her killer vocal to her gorgeous looks, she was definitely what was hot on the scene. Throughout the years she made a name for herself and even came back on top despite her downfalls. Now the new millennium is getting a better taste of the 90s and Miss Mariah Carey while teaming up with none other than MAC Cosmetics to create a 90s inspired lipstick. Talk about exciting! The 90s makeup scene is definitely back on the brink and trending like crazy, so I can only imagine how amazing this nude lipstick is. Because every woman needs more than one nude in her lipstick collection, right?
Hitting stores on December 3rd just in time for the holidays, the name of this lipstick is "All I Want" and let's be real -- it is definitely going to be all we want. Mariah described the lippie as "a beautiful champagne shimmer" meant to flatter all skin tones. Shoutout to Mariah for thinking big. She also mentioned that a full collection is in the works for later in 2016. "Mariah is the over-the-top pop and beauty icon. Throughout the years we've all watched her with admiration and feel right now she is at her ultimate best. She exudes elegance, glamour, sophistication, and a sense of fun. Her 'All I Want' lipstick is the perfect frosty holiday shade and her Beauty Icon collection will be everything you think of when you think MAC and Mariah.", says MAC Creative Director James Gager. Hold onto your seats ladies, December will be here before you know it. In the meantime, turn on some classic Mariah and get take it back, way back to the 90s.
yesss I cannot wait!!! it looks amazing @JasmineOsbourne
I'm already a big fan of hers and that shade is beautiful
I want one, now!
That shade looks heavenly! I love it!
December will be here before you know it @Carolinian87
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