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Hello Marvelers!

Here's a fun question to get you over hump day: You can have any superpower you want, but your sidekick/best friend is going to become your nemesis.
There's a magic button that will make it so.

Do you press the button?

Let me know what you would do in the comments!
nah. i dont want great powet so i wont have to deal with great responsibility.
@Arellano1052 lol just get all the aggression out and have some cathartic fight scenes that end in.... well Mr. and Mrs. Smith ends with them making out but I guess if that's how you and your friends roll who am I to judge?
Yes, I'd press the button, because we frustrate the hell out of each other and if we could reenact the "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" fight... Or rather the huge fight scene from Hancock, since we would both choose telekinesis, allowing us to levitate and destroy some s**t and throw buildings at each other, I think it'd really do our relationship a ton of good haha
Omg @AimeeH you just reminded me I found out there's a second part to 'curiosity killed the cat' it's 'but satisfaction brought it back' and I *love* it!
*as I scratch my head* I don't think having super powers is worth losing any of my besites over.
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