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My secret is going to come out... so to speak.

Some of you know that I'm a very passionate person. Okay, most of you know that by now. But one of my deepest passions is also one of my loneliest. I'm glad @InPlainSight tagged me in this challenge, because I'm hoping that I'm not as alone as I think I am.
I must confess.

I am a fanfiction writer.

Okay, maybe it's not that surprising.

I write a lot about fandom and fanart and fanfiction. How did you think I was getting the inside scoop? It's because I am one of the fans that's been creating transformative fanworks for years. And I feel very strongly about fanworks. I believe that they are important, immensely creative, and they've become an essential part of my fan experience.

And I don't want to escape.

Some of the most meaningful friendships I have are from fandom. Some of my favorite stories are fanworks. When life is hard, I'm comforted by the presence of my fandoms. When I have to do something difficult, I often reward myself by reading fanfiction. When I need to challenge myself as a writer, I can get instant feedback from the fanfiction community. Fanworks, at their core, are about love. Not just love for the original media, but love for our fellow fans. We care about each other, we respect each other, and we show our love through our creations.

Yes, you can read some of my fic.

I've posted some on Vingle! The rest of my fanfiction is hosted on Archive of Our Own, which is run by a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection & preservation of transformative fanworks. The one I'm working on is a Black Widow story (no surprise there), but I've also written stories for Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games. And I am ALWAYS good for a rec. Any fandom, any ship, I am more than happy to help you out!

And that's me!

@InPlainSight told me comics don't count, so this is my other not-so-secret geekiness. I'm tagging @amobigbang and @AdiaJasinski in this challenge: what's your Geeky Thing? Don't forget to tag me in your card so I can see it!
@shannonl5 lol DO ITTT!!
@ButterflyBlu IN THAT CASE haha I'll have to swing by some time ^_^
@shannonl5 I promise I can whip you into shape! For my regular, reasonable fee, of course... Haha jk. I'll give you a discount. :P
@ButterflyBlu lol yeah but you're a teacher! Which means you see people learning. I'm justa hot mess haha
@shannonl5 I guarantee I've probably seen worse!
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