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Let's see how the other (feline) half lives.

Good 'ol Martha Stewart took to her blog to showcase her "beautiful" cats. Her words, not mine. I do however enjoy a good cat. I have my own, Miss.Tuffsey and even she eats better than I do!
Damn cats.
These little jerks take it to another level. #lifestylegoals

The first spoiled brat is named Bartok...yeah like the little jerk from Anastasia.

This dude has it made. Martha sings his praises as he is the eldest of her cats...

He partakes in his very own Kitty buffet laid out by Martha (or Martha's servants...whatever) every morning. There are like, 6 different kinds of cat food depending on his "mood."

What the hell.

This little shit's name is Princess Peoney and she has resting bitch face.

This one has like 12 beds around the house, all draped with pressed towels for "extra coziness".

She's is looking down on you from her castle.

Because you can't have any.
Go back to your apartment and sob into your pizza serf.

Her third little jerk, Empress Tang likes to take long walks on Martha's "veranda" while admiring the vineyard.

Kill me.

Here she is calling you a peasant from Martha's stoop.

How dare you look at her.

These cats have a pretty good life.

Plush beds, variety of meals, lush scenery.
Screw 'em
I mean it...really.
They are cute though.
miss tuffsy
LMAO I'M DYING. These legitimately look like cats that Martha Stewart WOULD have. I wouldn't expect anything less really.
Tuna one day, shrimp the next. that cat really does eat better then the rest of us @danidee
HAHAHAHA. ok but like I love cats too and I might be on her level if I had her income...
Lots of tuffseys. And irrational anger is funny @danidee I can't help it! Effing cats. They look so angry.
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