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To start of my new collection (The Most Badass Women in Anime) I felt like we should start really strong. Who would be stronger than the strongest woman on the Scout Patrol?
Oh yeah, you know her. You love her. You might be a little scared of her.

It's Mikasa Ackerman.

So what makes her so badass?

For one, how about the way she moves so effortlessly on the three-dimensional maneuver gear used by the members of the military?

Or maybe it's the way she fearlessly attacks and kills the rampaging Titans that threaten the lives of her and everyone she loves?

Or maybe it's because she is still an intensely beautiful woman who doesn't need to sacrifice her femininity to be awesomesauce.

I think the biggest reason is that she cares very deeply for her friends, and always does her very best to protect them.

Thanks for reading this card! It will be the first in a collectio nall about the badass ladies in anime who never get enough attention because of the Narutos, Ichigos and Natsus of the world.
Who else do you think deserves to get more attention as a badass lady in anime?
Dude I could talk bout this all day! Erza (Fairy Tail), Mayer (Ergo Proxy), Saber (Fate Series), Akame, (Akame Ga Kill), pretty much any female character from Bleach and so on
hahaha, yazzzzzz!! Have you done Lucy yet? She's not the classic tough and fearful girl but I just like her dedication and bravery to be with her friends and family through whatever, that fits badass for me!
I love Mikasa so much! I worship her! *~*
Mikasa fanclub up in here! She is one amazing character!
Sango from Inuyasha!
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