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The second (and official) trailer for The Revenant (Alejandro González Iñárritu's next film) has been released and it finally sheds some light on the narrative of the film.
I was pleasantly surprised when I watched this trailer because I initially thought it was going to be a longer version of the previous trailer that had been released over the summer. I was so thankful that I was wrong. We finally get to see the roles that DiCaprio and Hardy play within the film.
And from what I gathered from the trailer, it looks like it's somewhat of a revenge thriller set during the initial settling of the United States. And it seems as if Hardy makes a decision to leave DiCaprio's character to die after he had been badly injured from a bear mauling which leads to Hardy killing DiCaprio's son, thus spurring DiCaprio's character to get some revenge.
Normally, I wouldn't find it necessary to outline the narrative of a trailer but Iñárritu's directorial style can be a bit jarring or dramatic for some viewers.
The shot above is one of those that can only be described as breathtaking. I haven't really done any research on the making of the film (I usually save that for after I watch a movie) so I don't know if the shot above was shot on location or not. But it definitely looks like it was and it really adds to the scope of the movie. It really lets us know how far DiCaprio's character had to travel to get back to populated area.
[It's hard to take a screenshot of moments where movement is important but I tried my best anyway.]
It's really interesting to see the way Iñárritu moves the camera especially when there is movement within the frame. Instead of moving against the action in the scene he goes with it. The example above, notice how as the horsemen running past the camera, Iñárritu slowly pushes in -- either with a slow zoom or actual camera movement. And this allows the movement on screen to still be cohesive. Instead of cutting away to different moments of movement, he follows it. This gives the audience a better idea of what is happening on screen instead of forcing them to dart their eyes back and forth because of fast cutting techniques. It looks like a lot of the movement in the trailer is filmed this way, so I'm excited to see how the full feature will turn out.
The Revenant will be in theaters in December.
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At first I read the title of this card as, "Leonardo DiCaprio wants revenge in Revenge." I was like, hm. Aptly titled movie! Lol. Once I looked again I realized I've actually heard a little about this film! It looks way cooler than I imagined. I wanna see it!