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He charmed his way out of BIG trouble!

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@kpopandkimchi Ahhh I've been meaning to watch that one. I'll definitely check it out as soon as I can. Thanks XD
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@DasiaB You wont regret it!!!!
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What drama is this
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he is just too cute. have anyone seen Oh My Ghostess??? On the last episode he comes ot at the end as the new temporary cheif at the restaurant (so handsome). He is also in Master's Sun as the second guy that could be the one to date the main female lead (forgot the name of that role) But anyways, can't get enough of him <3 <3 <3 ()() (._.) c(")(") Bunny
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I just started watching Reply 1997 this week and the first episode is freaking crazy and awesome!!!! Yeah!!!e
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