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Who's Going to Watch This!?

First Episode Airs: October 30, 2015
Airing Days: Friday, Saturday
Network: tvN
Set in the year 1988 at a neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea. Five families live on the same alley road.

Hyeri and Park Bo-Gum will be in it!!!!

Hyeri is so adorable as a member of Girls Day so I'm excited to see her acting!
We were just talking about Park Bo Gum in my card about I Remember You and I really think I'm falling in love with him.
I hope he's a possible love interest in the drama!!!
(tagging park bogum fans!) @fashionablenerd @panouvang123 @LiNaHyun

I really loved the other Reply 1990s dramas so I'm suuuuper looking forward to this one!

Reply 1997: 5/5 Stars!

Reply 1994: 4/5 Stars!

So who's going to watch!?

I feel another binge watching session about to commence😂
If Park Bo Gum is miserable in any capacity this drama will destroy me. He's too good with emotion.
I'm going to watch it but if there's another Chilbong I'm out. I won't be able to take the pain
The moment it is subbed I'm watching come hell or high water. I've been interested in Park Bo Gum since Tomorrow's Cantabile, I Remember You, and his super tiny cameo in Bridal Mask. I also love Ko Gyung Po. Him and Park Bo Gum have great acting chemistry together so this is going to be awesome.
once I catch up on all the shows I need to watch im definitely gonna watch it
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