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Sometimes life sucks.

But science says that looking at baby animals can help boost your mood, relieve stress, and bring a smile to your face, and I believe it! Looking at adorable, squee-inducing little critters always makes me feel better.
So if your day isn't going so well, or you're feeling like a big hunk of crap, check out some of these weird little cuties. Guaranteed you'll feel a smidgen better afterwards.
Baby Stingray is happy to see you.
This little baby chipmunk thinks you deserve to treat yo' self.
What kind of treat, you ask? Baby armadillo suggests a little nap. Yawn!
Baby aardvark says that you are stronger than you think!
Tiny Baby Dik-Dik wishes he could stand on your desk.
Baby hedgehog says to reach for the stars! Anything is possible; you just have to have an open mind and a readiness to work hard.
These baby pigeons just love your hairdo.
Baby camel gives you a fist bump, because you rock.
Baby chameleon wishes he were as talented and smart as you are.
These two baby platypuses recognize your hard work, and encourage you to keep it up.
This baby anteater was only just born, but he still sees the world for the beautiful, marvelous place it is!
Baby spoonbill sandpiper says to stop beating yourself up. Love you for you. You'll get there.
Baby porcupine thinks you smell divine.
A little baby meerkat told me you you needed a hug. Here you go, buddy!
These Baby Parrots think you are very attractive and have a beautiful smile!
Baby Walrus respects your ability to grow facial hair.
Baby Flamingo says you are FABULOUS just the way you are! So never stop fighting, and never compromise for anyone. Love that little human being that you are! Give it a big hug! And smile, because life is amazing despite the occasional suckiness, and you never know what wonders tomorrow will bring. :)
Yayyy @missvicky69 I'm so glad!!! I didn't know if it was just me lol. Looking at cute baby animals always makes me smile :DDD
OMG!! Sooo cute!!! I feel better already.
I LOVE little baby animals!
I'd like a little Dik-Dik. Lol!
Oh and if this is just crazy and weird and unhelpful let me know XD XD XD hahaha