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Today's song is one that really, really resonates with me. I'm no one's boyfriend now but I know what it's like wanting to be a better boyfriend than you once were (I usually don't like to use gender-specific words but the lyrics are very gender specific, I promise next time it'll go back to normal). The song Santa Monica by The Front Bottoms (I know, I'm obsessed. Imagine I'm shrugging my shoulders like the boys above) has so many great lyrics in it, it's hard to pick which are the most notable.
There's something so honest about their lyrics and Brian Sella's (the lead singer) delivery of the lyrics that make the words hit you like a brick to the ribs. The song is upbeat and a little poppy but the lyrics are as hard-hitting as ever. It starts off with the chorus -- which is fine -- but the first verse is what really hits me hard. I don't know what else I can say about it. They're powerful lyrics and I'd rather let them do their job.

Notable Lyrics:

I wish we were forever lying on the Santa Monica beach, drinking Tecate 24 ounces underneath the stars. Being the superior couple, loving who I am cause what we are. I wanna confess it in a whisper that's just loud enough to make out. I want you to listen from the kitchen to me confessing on the couch.

I want to be stronger than your dad was for your mom. I want to be stronger than your dad was for your mom.

@baileykayleen I totally agree that people kind of wrote it off. like @paulisaghost here, I kind of wrote it off myself for those reasons. However, after hearing some acoustic/live sessions of some songs on it, it's definitely growing on me. I think my favorite album will always be Talon of the Hawk, but I'm also open to how their sound is evolving.
I haven't listened to it straight through, but I really like what I've heard. I think people wrote it off before even listening to it cause of the fueled by ramen association but I still get a front bottom vibe and passion, just with a bit fuller backing sound, and some experimentation.
This is an amazing song my them. (Every song ever is amazing by them but I digress).
@baileykayleen i might have been one of those people... but! i'm starting to really enjoy it. i think a lot more than most of ny friends. i definitely do have some favorite tracks on the record though. let me know what you think after you get a chance to listen to the whole thing!
@baileykayleen totally! i agree with you though. all of their songs are great. i feel like i could write a card about all of their songs haha. what do you think of their latest album?