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Bullying has been a problem for generations.

It's crazy because a lot of people don't consider certain things bullying. Just because you aren't doing physical harm to a person doesn't mean that it is not bullying. Just like verbal abuse, verbal bullying is just as harmful to a person as physical bullying. In the United States, according to PACER, "the reasons for being bullied reported most often by students were looks (55%), body shape (37%), and race (16%)." It's really sad that we have let things get this out of hand. The fact that a person's physical appearance is more important than their life and self respect is sad. Bullying has gotten out of control and it takes a very strong person to stand up and speak on the issue [especially a person who has dealt with bullying hand on].
High school student, Genny Zunida posted a body positivity video just two weeks ago and it has already sky rocketed with views on Facebook. The video is not only emotional, but it gets down to the nitty gritty. These are real people with real problems who deal with this disgusting nature on a daily basis. "I don't think people realize how truly easy it is to become someone who sees themselves as worthless," she says in the video. A campaign against bullying called The Bully Project posted Genny's video on Facebook in hopes of getting more people to open their eyes on the touchy subject. Whether you've been the bully or the bullee, open your hearts and open your eyes -- something has got to give. And to the girl or boy dealing with bullying today remember, YOU ARE WORTH LIFE.
yoou are awesome.. thank you for the inspiration
Yes, absolutely!
yeah, it's extremely sad and this video definitely made me realize that it is way too common & she is super brave for seeing herself as beautiful despite the negativity @alywoah
This is a great video and I am happy she has found self love
Online bullying is so freaking common, and it's mind boggling how people don't think it's an issue, or that it's okay to do it. It's so upsetting.
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