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It was only a matter of time.

The Smith's are a talented family. I mean literally from the acting to the singing and now the modeling, it was inevitable. If you never thought the young girl who whipped her hair back and forth would be signing a modeling contract with popular modeling agency The Society -- the proof is all there. Willow Smith is gorgeous, that is no secret at all. It's amazing how at such a young age the offspring of two talented people has blossomed and made some major moves.
From gracing the pages of Teen Vogue and i-D magazine to landing huge campaign with the ever so famous Marc Jacobs, you have to admit she is definitely doing some amazing things. But of course, we didn't expect anything less. Willow will now be sharing the spotlight with some of The Society's very own models including our favorite Kendall Jenner amongst others. Talk about taking the world [runway] by storm at the ripe age of fourteen years old. To think when I was fourteen I was having my parents drop me off at the mall to movie hop with my friends.
Be on the lookout because this young beauty is on the brink of greatness.
Good for her!
yes!! I think she will do well @alywoah
Pretty impressive for such a youngun. It helps to have connections! (no disrespect to her at all, I'm sure she's really talented on top of that :) )
I agree. fame will get you anywhere. she def has the look though I think @allischaaff she has come a long way over the years.