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All right Marvelers!

It's time for some real talk. We all love the Marvel universe. But is there one team that you love just a *little* bit more than one of the others? It's okay. You're allowed to pick favorites. We all do it.

I loved seeing Bucky and Natasha team up.

But honestly? I don't know if they're my *favorite* team. That honor goes to:

Steve and Bucky.

Because tears, of course.
Does anyone else have a favorite team up?
@Chibifox @DanRodriguez yes it's time for some Wolverine love! @danidee just made a card about Jubilee I'm so glad people still like her character! She hasn't gotten much attention in the last few years it feels like
Wolverine and Jubilee! ^__^
1)Storm and Black Panther 2)Cloak and Dagger
Spiderman and Deadpool fo show
@JackWalton me too! I'm super upset because I feel like they had the technology to save him too! The same machine that birthed Vision could have brought Pietro back... if it's any comfort, no one in the Marvel universe stays dead (except Uncle Ben) so maybe there's still hope?
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