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Wait, do spiders really have that many eyes?
I made the mistake of googling how many eyes a spider has, you guys.
"Most spiders have eight eyes. Some have no eyes and others have as many as 12 eyes. Most can detect only between light and dark, while others have well-developed vision."


12 EYES.

Ha!!! Yeah... That's me. 馃樀 And THANKS for the info, SISTER. You have to comfort me if I have nightmares now. And come kill them. Ohhhh, get this crap. Last night I went to the kitchen a little after midnight. There were FOUR spiders in the window above my sink. Not sitting IN the window, though... Noooo. One was on the glass. Two were around the top on the wall. The last one had made a web in the corner and was just hanging out!!! I freaked out. (I can't help it, people!!) I dropped the glass of water in the sink and just RAN. (I'm so sad.) The worst thing, though... I had to freaking leave them there! I can't kill them and it was after midnight! So in the morning, I called the man who sold me my house. He lives on the property bordering mine. He built my house. He's super nice and treats me and Levi like we're family... Like a daughter. So, anyways, he comes to my house at 8am to kill my spiders and spray around the house. (See? He doesn't let me pay him or anything. >.< Such a nice guy!) But then he says, "oh yeah, I bet a mama laid eggs in one of your herbs here (in the window) and they hatched. These four stayed but I'm SURE the rest went out the window." (It stays open... I like air.) I almost died!!! Seriously?! I have to pick the herbs off the plants and you're telling me that there might be a big one or eggs or more?! Omg NOOO. *sobbing* I have to leave this place.
@missvicky69 And how do they watch 3-D movies? Do they have to wear super custom glasses?
12 Eyes! What in the hell do they need to be looking at!?
that spider is as big as the guy's giant eye. I'd burn down the house JUST to be sure
@ButterflyBlu I can't tell if that's one of those situations where I'd be glad for the head's up or I'd prefer to remain ignorant to it lol.
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