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What better way to wake up then by enjoying beautiful pictures of A6p and there adorableness♡♥
Ado being beautifully mysterious. those eyes ♡♥
Jung Yeon ♡being perfect and Jelly-P♡
I love this little bean♡♥ He's soo adorable and its definitely gonna be a tie for my UB of the group because Jelly-P is just too perfect♡
Jelly-P & Jaguar those eyes and faces are gorgeous ♡♥Actin I love the fact that you are Mark and JB's love child♡Yaho stop being so adorable♡
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my biases are Yaho and Ado!!!! Ado those eyes though.......
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@glostick I know! I seriously cant wait for them to show his whole face because I've fallen in love with him only seeing his eyes can you imagine the rest of that beautiful face and@wllmvns Hes my number one next to Jelly-P♡
2 years ago·Reply
@wllmvns watch the videos on my other card and jung yeon will kill you!
2 years ago·Reply
I don't feel like dying though...But I'll check it out lol
2 years ago·Reply
Who is A6P and why does the guy in that last pic look like Jonghyun?!
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