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This is Kanade from Angel Beats, my mom wanted me to draw a girl with wings so she could color it and the 1st person I thought of was Kanade. I drew it with a butterfly because my mom loves butterflies and her nickname is Coco. She colored it when I was done. Has anyone out there watched Angel Beats? Did you like it? I loved it! @Kamiamon @RosePark @poojas @sherrysahar @FrankilliMambo @DanRodriguez @chandnip804 @caitlind9898 @NerukaWong
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I love this anime it's freaking hilarious my mom calls anime I watch cartoons but I keep having to remind her anime and cartoons are completely different
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This is my favorite one so far. Love the details of the wings and the purple hair!
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@cindystran Did you read it lol I drew the pic and my mom colored it. She wanted to color a picture I drew.
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@biancadanica98 I did but still the layout is important. You have a very artistic family.
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@cindystran Thanks, I told my mom and all I hear is "awe".
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