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But actually, I already found out who it is. These cosplayers--Sorenzo Props (Ash) and FairyPorchQueen (Misty)--came together with photographer Alasdair Watson Photography to create some magical photos of what they dubbed their "white trash Ash and Misty," and boy, did they do something.
This is easily the best photo of the entire set: Titanic style. I love it!!! So creative, so funny, so well done.
Apparently the effect on the teeth was achieved using some tooth blackening makeup and photoshop.
The boxers, though. The boxers. Yikes.
This whole idea is amazing though - the execution is great, the photography is great, the set is great!!! Also his midriff. Also those socks. Also everything.

The end!

At first, I was like "Hm, I don't know about this concept. This guy needs to pull up his pants." But as I scrolled through the rest of the pictures, I kept catching all these really cool details to their cosplay that I hadn't noticed at first. This is really, really cool. Also, that 'Gotta Drink 'Em All' shirt needs to be sold somewhere ASAP. @VinMcCarthy @ButterflyBlu, you two have to look at these pictures lol.
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ahhh I love this so muchh. I used to be so obsessed with Pokemon. It was a clever and slightly strange idea, but I did it lollll.
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This is kind of amazing. They really own it. Like. Every bit of this is well carried out. The pictures are amazing too. The effort is awesome, and it's just a funny idea. I'd love to see more original takes on characters =, it's super creative.
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@danidee @alywoah Yeah, I was a little grossed out at first and then I Just realized how intentionally ridiculous this was and suddenly loved it XD @TessStevens Yes!! They even said they have more pics but they're "not even acceptable for the internet's eyes" hahahaha
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The Pikachu tattoo is my favorite part. I'm almost a little jealous of it.
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