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Live recap ENDED. If you're reading my live recap, please like and comment. It's good for your health :P and mine (reading your comments ^-< ) . Wow MBC has really cool preview (not of the ep) of K2H drama before the show. You see arms of (probably) JH and HA holding with the cherry blosssom tattoo appearing on their arms. And also glimpse of the tiara. So pretty! ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comment below~~~ Screencaps by @sapphire148 ^o^ <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha (Dimple King :X): JH Hang Ah (Queen of Action): HA Jae Shin (Our Princess-nim): JS Shi Kyung (Knight in Shining Armor): SK Kyu Tae (Secretary/Evil Ajusshi): KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo (Creepy Psychotic Freak): BG ----------------------------------------------------------- Recaping of last ep. JH's convo with BG and the kidnapping, etc. JH is talking to SK. A royal guard comes in and makes a report about HA. HA is sitting in a chair with 4 guys pointing gun to her. BG is warning her not to try anything funny. JH sits down and turn on his PC. The 2 look at each other while BG is monitoring. JH asks if she's ok. He asks if QD is ok. HA said everything is ok. He said they should live comfortably. HA suddenly starts crying and begs JH to give up the throne. JH is a bit shocked. BG is smiling. JH is wiping her tears while talking to JH. She's telling JH something which makes JH thinks about what she said during the WOC. Probably some way to let him know the location or sth. I knew she would do that! They are so smart. Then JH is suddenly having flashback turning the globe. JH asks where she's right now. HA starts talking really fast and tells him not to give up the throne or sty. They are about to shoot her then BG yanks out the power cord and they got disconnected. It seems JH got a clue about the location. BG asks what the hell she just do. HA sits back and relaxes making fun at him, and say Kim Bong Goo at the end which makes him slap her hard!!!! She got a cool face and stood up glaring at him. The men came close at her. She knocked one down and got a sharp metallic thing and put it on her neck threatening BG to let her stay with QD or she'll kill herself. One of the guy took her to QD and threw her on the floor. There's a red injury on her face. QD finally got to it and told her let's escape! SK is discussing about the location. HA looks through the door and think about how they got here. It seems hard to escape. BG's sect came to report to him and leaves. JH and Sk and some other official and HA's father are discussing the whereabouts of HA. JH seem to got an idea. Next scene is somewhere in China. Two WOC guys are walking among the people. The guy heard a breaking noise and came in. They saw QD broke their necks and got them down. She got the gun and take QD out. She shot at others but one shot her at the arm. They ran away and are pursued by more men. They are hiding while the men are looking for them. HA suddenly took QD to move to another location. Just as they moved BB walked by. BB said they need to sth to the pipe. HA and QD are walking in a cave. Some guy gave BB the map and she said they went down (down where?). The SWAP team is outside HA's location they saw BG's men in panic and got a clue that HA might have escaped. HA and QD finally got outside and facing a waterfall. QD looks tired and HA is shocked. It seems they're at a deadened. HA told QD to wait while she looks for a way out. QD touched her arm and HA let out a scream in pain. QD said she would go first. HA tried to stop her but she's determined. She started walking toward the lake and start swimming hard. HA is worried sick looking at her swim to the other side. QD lost half of her energy as she got on the other side. She looks back at HA. HA nods and smile at her. Suddenly she heard dog barking. BB is coming close after her. WOC officer guy fire a shot to distract BG's men attention. They started having an intense gun fight. HA swam to the other side and ran together with QD. BB got out of the cave with some men and dogs. The WOC officer are screaming HA and QD. They heard him but suddenly a gunshot was fired so they cannot come out. HA saw BB coming close from the other side. QD suddenly started to run as HA called after her (oh no is she gonna die :((( ). HA took out a gun from her back and fired some shots. BB quickly ran after her. She climbed up the hills. The SK WOC guy saw QD and she is safe now. HA is still running with her wound. She's hiding but in pain :( . Sad music starts playing. A gunshot was fired and HA fell down and is unconscious. JH came to see QD who is resting. JS is by her side. She signals JH to come over. JH apologizes to her. She shakes her head. She said what should we do, Hang Ah….JH assures her that it's ok and HA must be well. BG got report from his right hand man that they're gone. He showed HA's gun which was found on the opposite side of the mountain. JH is talking to an official. He said sth and he grabbed his collar. The guy panicked. JH is angry and almost cry. The man said he will do as JH said. At the border with China. The Chinese officer showed passerby HA's photo and asks if they recognize her. They ask a man and he asks who it is. As that man went out of sight he made a call (seems he's from NK). It seems it was BG's men who are looking for HA as well. HA's dad is talking to JH on the phone complaining and worrying. JH is talking to SK. They're discussing about what to do and how to find HA. SK suggests they should contact KT. JH refuses. SK asks why JH tells him to excuse himself and he leaves. SK is thinking about what KT told him (when he's about to confess his crime) and about what BG told him. He starts to run. He came to the royal record archive office and show his special card to request access. He's inside and starts to read something. It was KT's confession. His eyes got big as he reads. He quickly closes the file and in shocked about what he just read. He slowly, hands shaking open the file again to read, looking closely at the words, gasping and seem to be crying. JH is having headache. Someone comes in and gave him a file. He put on the seal and as he's about to continue he got a call from KT. KT calls from his residence. It's raining outside. JH talks to him coldly then he suddenly looks at the file he's about to put on the seal and realize something. SK is driving to meet KT in the rain. KT looks at his photograph with his son. He puts on his jacket and about to go out and saw SK walks toward him with a file in his hand. Sk asks, is it true? (about the King's murder I think). SK says with his voice shaking. KT didn't answer and ignores SK. SK starts to cry and scream what is this!!! KT looks troubled and told SK what he wanted/or not wanted to confirm. SK cries as he speaks (I like him but somehow his crying scene isn't persuasive). He leaves and KT hands his umbrella to his servant and the man runs out to give it to SK. KT sits down in despair :( and closes his eyes. JH is talking to someone on the phone about a cell phone. JS approaches him from behind and asks about what he just mentioned on the phone. She asks what about KT. JH swatted down at told JS about KT. SK is sitting the car and remember when he asks JH why he fired KT. SK steps out and thinks about what JH said. He turns to go somewhere. Royal guard comes to report to JH that SK is leaving the country. JH rushes to the airport to stop him. Everyone is bowing to JH as he makes way to SK who is looking at him and didn't bow. JH and SK are sitting in a room. JH throws the airplane ticket on the table and asks what is this. SK starts talking and remember about BG's offer. It seems he wants to do something for JH to repent for what his father did and so to become a spy? JH sighs since SK seems determined. JS is with her psychiatrist. JS told her she will do her best for her late brother and also….she remembers SK kneels while crying and what JH told her. JH and SK are still talking. WOC SK guy came in. JH stood up to leave and scolds SK about what he said. WOC said something about JS. JH came to see JS. She saw her on the bed with weird hat attached with straps. Some kind of weird method to help her remember? JH ordered ppl to leave. JS said she wants to remember. JH sits down talking to her. SK is walking around worried. QD's secretary came to tell SK about the situation. SK seems to be really worried. In the room, JH is sitting watching JS getting the treatment. The nurse is briefing her on the procedure and it begins. The psychiatrist is saying something to make her relax and she closes her eyes and starts to relax. JH is worried. QD is outside praying. JH is having flashback about the day she came to the vacation house and starts saying. JH stood up and said it's here, she mentions the vacation home. The doctor aka psychiatrist asks a question. IN JS's flashback she saw BB and the men. JS still closing her eyes start shaking violently. The monitor starts beeping loudly the signal doesn't look good. JH is worried. The doctor is worried and asks JS if she's really ok. JS nods while still closing her eyes. The doctor says something to make her relax and she continues to remember. In the flashback BB is talking on the phone with BG. She lets BG talk to JS. BG told her he will kill her brother and the man show her the black box. JS is listening to him in shock and is scared. She starts to resist but the guy pushes her on the floor pointing the the gun to her. She's shaking. BG lets her listen to the dramatic music while the men grabs her hand and makes her touch the black powder and put it in the fireplace. They told her, do it or die. She resists and cries. She holds the powder and shakes while remembering her time with her brother. She shakes and starts to drop the powered. She opens her eyes and realize it was her that put the powder in the fireplace and kills her brother. She starts crying and screaming. JH holds her back and tells her to calm down. SK is really worried hearing her scream. QD wants to go in but her secretary stops her. Th nurses and doctor are trying to hold her back. JH looks at her with indescribable emotion. JH came out, red with tears. JS has stopped screaming. SK asks how she is. JH didn't answer. SK comes in and saw JS is now sleeping with black cloth tying to her wrists. There are scratches on her arm also so. The doctor and nurses left. SK come by her side and sits down, touching her swollen wrist and looks at her neck that has scratches as well. He starts crying.with his fist at his mouth to hold back his voice. He's shaking and his face is red with tears. I think this is the most touching SK's crying scene. JH is talking to QD. His eyes are red but his voice and face are resolute. It seems he has decided to do something. HA is alive!!! and walking with her wound. She staggers a bit but she's ok. She holds her left arm and is out of energy. She saw some Chinese officers and hides. JH mentions something serious about HA. HA leans agains a rock wall and lets out a sigh. END Preview OMG HA got captured and wears prisoner uniform. SK screams Why can't it be me? Looks like there will be a kiss between JS and SK? I saw SK leans down while JS is sitting on a bench. JH runs to the prison that JH is at and screams her name. JH is taken away in front of him. There's a gun shot, she falls down on top of some prison bar. Drop of blood. Oh NOOOOO Phewww I really enjoy live recapping this ep. HA is so coooool!!! She's truly our Queen of Action! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!
@choihyeri: no i'm not korean. I'm learning Korean which is my 6th language muahahaha. Need to learn more to write better recap but job keeps me busy T_T @Jozee: De nada :P @mdemOiselle28: you're welcome :) . I also dont want to believe that next week is the last :(((
i just can't believe there's only 3 episodes left.huhuhuhu!! this is such a good drama..nope best drama!!thanks again!
hi soula81 shukram wayd!!!(more thanks)ur my savior watching raw and d other tab ur recap i can breathe <3 u..
Muchas gracias! Thanks a million for the recaps. Appreciate it immensely.
17 episodes down, last three episode to go! I will surely miss this drama. :( btw @soula81 are you a korean?
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