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So his voice made me cry and Leo is the only other person that has made me cry the first note he hit(Beautiful liar). That is crazy he is just wow.... he just OH my word.
Just listen and tell me if you get the same chills and heart ache I did.
Yes!!!!!!! His voice is soooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously he is the only other person besides ZIon.t whos voice gives me chills. You is amazing(the acoustic version is even better)! and "Crazy for you" has been stuck in my head forever!
Yay another G.Soul lover!! His voice is magical. I always get the feels whenever I hear his voice. So soulful. Other than his title songs " Love Me Again "and "You"...I like "Comming Home" as well. I have all his CDs! 😍😍😙 His newest one is more upbeat and I absolutely love it. He's amazing and it's a shame he took so long to debut. But i guess it was well worth the wait. 😄