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I tried cosplay for homecoming week. . . I failed miserably. I was wondering if there are tips for the cosplay because I made the vest but a few people tore at it. Now it is in shambles and I am debating on giving uo or not. . ,
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I was never good at first. But it takes time and lOTS OF PRACTICE. BUT ITS WORTH IT
Totally don't give up!!! I would definitely suggest trying to find a place to cosplay where people will be EXCITED about it with you!!! I know with school and stuff that can be really difficult :( Even some of my friends in high school were confused by my cosplaying but they think it's pretty cool now. Do you have a local anime club or library? Or even a very small anime, comic, or some other type of "nerdy" convention? Even if its just a cultural day or somethign liek that, people love seeing cosplays! One of my favorite places to cosplay is at my city's "Japan Day" when they have it. Peopel there are excited to cosplay! My advice would be to try cosplaying somewhere like that :) Or, if you can't find anywhere, why not make a cool cosplay and share pics in our community? We can help you work on it and tell you how awesome it is (cause I know it will be aweeesommeee XD)
I was trying to cosplay Rebecca Chambers from resident evil, a few kids tore at the vest I spent all night on. I am not sure if there is any kind of group around here so when I seen this group it helps. I stare and wonder in awe and will be honest, kind of jealous.
@SerebroVoron00 if you ever need help or cosplay advice. Don't hesitate to message me. I Am willing to help!!
whatever you do do not give up I cannot stress that enough! nobody is good at cosplay the first time they cosplay so dont beat yourself up its like everything else it takes practice and learning from others pintrest is like the holy grail for cosplay tips and how tos