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Special thanks and shout out to @mchlyang for turning me on to this bonanza bicep exercise. If you noticed my semi-tirade about bicep exercises the other day, which you can see here, you may be thinking I'm either crazy, a newbie or right on the money. Regardless, if you're reading this then you too are looking to maximize your bicep strength and size.
Crazy 8's, which is similar to pyramid training, is different in that it doesn't require a second person and gives you a mid-way rest period.
Start out with a 20-pound barbell (or whatever weight works for you).
Perform 8 strict reps of standing barbell curls. Strict means no leaning back or forward, no moving your elbows, and no "swinging" the weight up. Use only your biceps to do the exercise!
Once you finish your 8 reps, immediately pick up the 30-pound barbell performing 8 strict reps.
Keep going up in weight until you cannot get 8 strict reps with a certain weight.
Rest for 2 minutes.
After 2 minutes of rest, pick up the previous barbell and perform 8 strict reps, then drop down in 10-pound increments and do 8, and so on.

NOTE: This is only to be performed ONCE, at the END of your training (as your last exercise). Also, don't perform this more than once every two weeks to avoid serious injury.

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@marshalledgar I feel it with dropset, but it's more for tone. Heavy and low reps for strength. Lighter and more reps for aesthetic.
gonna try it out @ChriSingularis thanks
Oh gosh yes these hurt like hell.
Yes! I love doing these at the end of my bicep workout and it sure feels good afterwards!
I did my bis and tris I have to wait a few days till it's up again. But going to kill it like Simeon Panda. hahaha