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Alright. So, to start this card off, I just want to make sure you guys recognize who is in the above gif. Can't tell?
How about now? This boy, Jackson Wang, leads to an interesting situation in my life. No, it doesn't have anything to with him directly but it makes for some interesting moments with my mom and my sister. All without me even doing anything. Now, my sister is 12 years younger than me. She adores GOT7 and can pretty much name all the members. She knows Jackson, hands down, because their birthdays are the same. She's learned to recognize Mark, and BamBam was the first she recognized. She actually went through a stage where she just called all of them BamBam because his name was the one she remembered first. She can recognize Youngjae, Jaebum, and Junior, at least as far as I know. As for the maknae...She refers to him as Taemin. She says he looks like Taemin and, since she can't remember his name, Yugyeom has therefore been deemed "Taemin." There's all that, right? Now, my sister likes Jackson... for me. She believes that I should date him, marry him, and live happily ever after.
I think he's adorable. I'm not going to lie. Not to mention, if he called me "noona," I'd be really happy. (We're a year apart by the way.) He's confident, gorgeous, talented, and seems to have a heart of gold. Plus, he's got a good sense of humor. I made it seem like I like him a lot probably, but I don't know if like him that way. Hence, I deny even considering him as husband material when my sister brings it up. Upon meeting him and getting to know him, that may change my mind but, for the time being, no.
Then, there's my mother. I showed her a couple of their dance practice videos and she always ended up focusing on Jackson. My mother's main, ultimate bias is TOP and, in the past few years, no one could stand out to her as much as him. No one. So, I was definitely surprised to find out that she liked Jackson. This doesn't seem weird at all, right? The only thing was that I played the GOT7 screenshot game, okay? I ended up with Jackson as my husband somehow.
My sister's reaction? She was happy. My mom's reaction? "...This isn't going to work." Or something along those lines. I told my mom that he's a year younger than me. She made a slight face at first but, in the end, she doesn't really seem to care. TOP is her baby, but Jackson apparently still holds an important place. I'm stuck in the middle, being shipped with him by my sister while my mom just adores him for herself and doesn't want to share. Thank you, Jackson. You haven't exactly ruined my bias list but you're unconsciously interfering in my life. Thank you so much, Mr. Wang. ♡
@luna1171 My mom likes him so much that it's like I'm not allowed to like him, too. Lol
Lmao..too much...haha..but can't blame your mom for liking him.haha.
@AmbieB I did it cause he's the youngest and his vocals reminded me of Taemin. I used to relate at least one member to someone from SHINee
I called Yugyeom Taemin for the longest xD. I understand your sister's struggle there. and you just accept it lol. it seems like a lively time.
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