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They just had to ruin a good thing.
Despite holding a firm grasp as a titan in the world of social media, Twitter is looking to make some changes to it's original site parameters.
Sometimes changes are good, but this one could be costly.

According to Re/Code, the latest Twitter change will be the removal of the standard character limit, giving the tweeter longform capabilities.

"People have been very precious at twitter about what twitter can be and how much it can be evolved," said one senior employee. "Having Jack (Twitter CEO) come in and say it's okay makes all of the difference in the world."
Man, they are about to blow it!

One of the key factors Twitter works is that is has forced people to be concise. Each word must hold power.

Also, it prevents people from going on long rants in one text and dominating your timeline. I love the "share your feelings but make it quick" theme of Twitter.
Once they switch this, all hell is going to break loose.
then what is the point to tweet? that just defeats the purpose lol.
I like Twitter for how short it is! why does it have to change?! :( I have a feeling if they switch it, it might just look like Facebook rants. which is why I am never on Facebook anymore
I agree with you. That's why I like reading Twitter. It's all quick and concise - and it forces people to be funnier or more intelligent.
Wow this is insane!!! Thanks for filling us in @christianmordi. I wonder what the reasoning behind this is? I know they're struggling to make Twitter relevant, as it becomes a kind of clunky, over-monetized relic of what it used to be, but... Is this really the way to do it??
I鈥檓 with you @BleuRay!! no one likes this idea!!
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