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Taylor Swift is on a win diet right now.
I mean, Swift cannot lose. She's everywhere and does everything at a high level. It seems like everyone is a believer right now.
At the moment Taylor is in the midst of her 1989 World Tour. Every stop she grabs someone from the hometown to be apart. Rising star or grizzled vet, Swift has impressed us with the range of artists each night.
Last night Swift continued doing things on an epic level, and bought out one of St. Louis finest to be apart of the event.
Nelly, who has surprised fans on Swift’s last three tours, as well, performed his new song “The Fix” with Swift, before the Haim sisters joined them onstage for a rendition of Nelly’s ubiquitous “Hot in Herre.”

Swift couldn't help herself as she got caught up in a once in a lifetime moment with Nelly, as she jumped in as a backup dancer for the track.

Gotta love this man.
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This is great hahaha