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Hogwarts is a special place.
Like the series, Hogwarts (the main setting of the series) continued to evolve as time passed. Each nook and cranny of the place was special, every time you turned the corner you knew something new could appear.
Warner brothers knows this, and while they have made Harry Potter theme parks in Orlando and Japan, they have kept the real set of Hogwarts in London in tact, organic and open to the public.
Today, Warner took things to another level though, as they will be allowing a new option for fans in London at the famed set.

This Christmas, the studio is offering “Dinner In The Great Hall,” a two-course meal served in the Hogwarts dining hall!

For $350, your ticket includes a studio tour, butterbeer, and a wand. You get to tour the Great Hall, eat, and then are hustled on to Platform 9 3/4 for the free butterbeer and desserts.
The main menu includes ham hock and broad bean terrine with pea purée or turkey with cranberry sausage stuffing, roast potatoes, gravy, and brussel sprouts. (Vegetarians get veggie lasagna.)
Isn't this AMAZING!
Man, I wish this was going down in the states. If you are a Potter fan in Europe during the holidays, this is the place to be.

350 bucks is a steep price, but this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. How could you pass up on this?

I would pay that much for that event! haha but I’m also a big Potter nerd. Maybe I could convince my family to get this for me for christmas.... hmmm
Haha that sounds really cool! Maybe one day
@nicolejb 350 is a bit of cash for a meal, but this is pretty cool. You never know, a cast member may show up to the meal as a special guest.. that would make it worth it for sure
THAT WOULD BE A DREAM. (keeping my fingers crossed for Hermione or Luna) @christianmordi