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He made a sign to greet her XD Then played with the flashlight he brought! Any time a car passed he pulled her close away from it anf moved her to the outside away from the road ^^
He made her do the bangbangbang opening and it was so cute! She lost her hat and he shields her from the camera!
She usually gets food on the way home so they went by the store and he got her lots of food. They share icecream and he makes the fish kiss! ^^
He gives her a piggy back ride XD His present was a personal alarm, whistle and a Baton so she can be safe walking home!
He yelled hello to her mother! Gave her a hug and bowed till she left, making sure she got on the elevator.
Here is the Video! It just proved why he is my bias. He was so adorable and polite. They had fun and laughed the whole time. His fanservice is top notch! I want the Kang Daesung safe returning home service in my town!! 사랑해요 오빠! I'll see you Saturday!!!!
he is the sweetest human bean ever!
OMG all he did was sooo cutte soo sweet nd sooo much fun nd know I know why my friend loves him soo much he is just sooo sweet damn he is my top bias too now nd that was an awesome journey this fan ever had we hearing abt it r loving it nd she probably had a blast an awesome adventure she will never forget he is such a sweetheart I just love him 😘😘😘😍😍😍😚😚😚😀😀👍👍👍😊😊😊
seriously a bias wrecker ugh Dae is killing me
Soooo sweet!!!! @PrettieeEmm I totally agree on the bias wrecking. Daesung would have a sista all kinds of confused.
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