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The Mets have clinched the division title - that much we know.

What's also virtually certain is that they'll be playing the LA Dodgers in the Division Series.
Here's one thing we don't know: which team is going to have home field advantage in the series?

As of now, the Mets hold a 1 game lead over the Dodgers for the second seed in the National League.

The Cardinals pretty much have the 1 seed locked up - that is, unless they fall apart today in their double header with the Pirates, who are nipping at their heels. Assuming the Cards hold on, it's going to be Mets vs. Dodgers, while St. Louis will play the winner of the Wild Card game between Pittsburgh and Chicago.
So as they fight the Dodgers for home field advantage in their nearly inevitable 5-game series, it becomes clear that the Mets still do have something to play for in this last week of the regular season.

And to put it lightly, home field matters. A lot.

The Mets record at Citi Field this season is 48-30, while they are 41-38 on the road. That't not a bad road record, but it's damn-near dominant at home. The Mets will surely want to have 3 of the 5 games in Queens.

The Dodgers' home/away splits are even more dramatic.

Los Angeles has played to an amazing 52-26 record at Dodgers Stadium, while they are actually well below .500 on the road, going just 36-43.
That's a huge difference.
There's no question about it: the Mets will want to secure home field advantage vs. the Dodgers not only to take advantage of their crazy home crowd, but also to exploit Los Angeles's mediocre (at best) away record.

It could decide the series - having a potential game 5 at home would be a huge boost for the Mets.

What do you think @mchlyang @christianmordi @ButterflyBlu @superiorsl ? Does home field advantage play as big a role in baseball as it does in other sports?
Without a doubt, it does, but Especially when your opponent is soooo bad on the road. I mean, seriously Dodgers?! Wth. All I know for sure: I hope the Mets dominate and shut the the Dodgers down hard. >.<
For sure. Home field advantage matters a lot. It also helps with outfielders when they are making plays off the wall and the grass and all that good stuff!
@ButterflyBlu me tooooo!!!
true! The Mets outfielders are definitely more comfortable at Citi.