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Let the fun begin!

Thanks to @AimeeH for tagging me again!

The Results...

Looking at them now...I seriously don't know how I feel about this. Lol

Story Time!

Seungri and I had grown up together so it was no surprise that, at some point, we would be deemed best friends. Neither of us were exactly the type to go out and socialize and party a lot, but we did on occasion. And, when we did, we usually went together. I never thought I would develop feelings for him but, at some point in our friendship, he became my crush. I never said anything to him about it though. I decided it was best to keep things to myself, so I did, especially when I started getting all these presents and gifts from a secret admirer. I had no idea who it was or why they were doing these things for me but, eventually, he revealed himself. It had been Daesung all along, the guy that apparently lived in the neighborhood but who I would only run into every so often when I stopped by a store or caught a taxi or some other form of public transportation. It was one day when I was heading to the store and he was leaving when he handed me a note. I was too shy to read it and he seemed to shy to have me read it in front of him, but he urged me on and I complied. He was asking me out like a little schoolboy. Daesung had become the type to spoil me. He didn't hesitate to buy me things I wanted or things he thought I'd like and he was always willing to spend time with me. He ended up taking me on a weekend cruise, something I had never expected anyone to do for me. We had such a good time during and after the cruise that, along the way, I ended up having his kids. I wasn't complaining because there was definitely something between us. The thing was that we had never made things official and, when he went away to Japan for quite some time, I ended up meeting Taeyang. He told me he had studied music with Daesung at some point and that Daesung had asked if he could help me out with the kids while he was away. I didn't mind. In fact, I was thankful that the father of my kids had been thoughtful enough to do that. The issue became how long Daesung was away. I missed him a lot, but Taeyang was always there to comfort me. I fell hard enough for him for is to end up in a steady relationship together. Daesung had returned home after his long trip... Well, more appropriately, his stay in Japan. It wasn't exactly a pretty picture when he found out that I was dating Taeyang. I'd never seen Daesung so jealous before; I didn't know what to do. He knew I liked to sing and had brought back Choi Seunghyun, who was apparently better known by his stage name, TOP. We were supposed to write a song together but Daesung made sure that didn't happen since he felt like I'd broken his heart. TOP had seen what went down between us and ended up writing a love song, specifically about me. I don't know if that was his effort to cheer me up, but it helped a bit. Taeyang couldn't handle the drama anymore and decided to leave me. We continued being friends but there was little to no chance that we'd ever end up back together again. I didn't mind. I was just thankful he'd gotten me through a very lonely time and even helped tremendously with taking care of the kids with me. Through all of this, Seungri had been focusing on his life - dating, working, and just simply enjoying life. We were still close but it had been some time since we really got to sit down and talk. We spent some time catching up one weekend while the kids were at Daesung's. This was when we also started reminiscing on the times we shared growing up. It turned out that I wasn't the only one that had had feelings when we were younger. We decided to date and marriage followed soon after. He was great with the kids, thanks to his underlying dorky nature, and he even got along with their father, and so a happy life ensued.
Again...this is how you get carried away with story-telling, my dear children. ♡ Thanks again for tagging me!
@SkullBunneh Oh, gosh. XD I have more Daesung pictures in my phone than any of the other members. It had better know what's up. Lol
@amobigbang Here's the original card. I hope you can click it or something. Lol
@SkullBunneh He's my ultimate bias. My phone knew he had to be in there somewhere. He ended up dominating my results. xD
You had Daesung so many times!! I didn't get him once!
@AimeeH Got it. X3 It really is fun to see that! :D
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