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So I was so happy bigbang came up, ugh wish I could go back and get T.O.P for all of them but we can't have everything Lol.... Thnx for the tag @AimeeH
So me and the lovable maknae are the bestest of friends, we stick together like peas in a pod
While hanging with my bff seungri, I started developing a crush on his friend daesung, I don't know how that happened
Little did I know he also was silently crushing on me, aww daesung is so cute and shy
Then out of nowhere T.O.P steps in and decides we should go out and have some fun (Yasssss I will go anywhere with you)
But Taeyang didn't want his chance to slip by so he took me on a weekend cruise, little did we know we would meet GD there
So away from everything, one thing led to another and me and GD ended up having children together (they would be the cutest ever)
To make up for our indiscretion we decided to go out and try to be a thing bc we had kids and all
T.O.P wasn't happy about any of this extra attention from the other guys (sdbjjffhnj.... yaaay)
Then seungri comes from left field and confesses his feelings in a love song, unfortunately we have been friends for so long I had to decline, Me and GD also went our separate ways
I found out that I had actually been in love with T.O.P this whole time, he proposed and we ended up getting married (edghnkufccv.....*dies*)
。^‿^。 ::>_<:: = ̄ω ̄=
@netchtiBates omg I understand that 100% ^●^ Hehe I'm so glad!!
Yasssss, was so much fun so nerve racking when every other member would pop up, but I couldn't be happier with the results Lol @AimeeH
@netchtiBates The screenshot of TOP taking you out is perfect. Seungri comes from the left field XD don't die! Go get your hubby! ^●^ I love this and thank you for participating! I'm glad you got who you wanted!