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@AimeeH supplied us little pupils with another screenshot game :D wooooooo!
BFF- T.O.P (Cause my phone loves me :D <3) Crush- Taeyang Secret Admirer- Daesung Takes me out- Seungri Takes me on a weekend cruise- T.O.P (:D) I have kids with- GD (OMG LIFE IS GUD) Boyfriend- Daesung (hmm I guess he got the good end of the rope >:3) Jealous one - Taeyang (Guess he liked me back :3) Writes a love song for me- Daesung (Yup I swear we have the PERFECT screenshot relationship :-D)
So peace for right now, Madge sure you check out @AimeeH 's screenshot games, they are AWESOME!!
Thank you participating! I love this!! This is fantastic. This is legit the perfect screenshot relationship! ^●^
:P WOO, I'm going to have so much fun with the VIXX one xD @AimeeH
@Baekyeol27 Woot!! I am so excited for that one as well!! I am so glad you are looking forward to it ^~^
*^* Can't wait @AimeeH
@Baekyeol27 me too!! Thank you for the suggestion dear ^●^