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Most rap fans have heard, at least in passing, about Snoop Dogg’s enthusiasm for youth football.

Those close to Snoop know that when the season starts, the rap OG does everything in his power to be apart of all activities around his teams.
I guess some big-wigs have caught wind of Snoop's new passion and have decided to give him a television show about it!

According to Billboard, the Doggfather is teaming up with AOL for an eight-part video series.

The episodes will chronicle players and coaches who are participants in the Snoop Youth Football League. Cameras will follow the individuals and teams as they travel across the country to prepare for and play in games.
“The kids I get to mentor through SYFL means more to me than anything else I do,” Snoop said. “We got kids in the league from all over and the spirit I see from them and their love of the game and life–it moves me. The SYFL is more than just football; it’s about the kids, their families and the life coaching the SYFL provides to the entire community. I want the world to see their stories, talent and commitment–and now they will through our new series.
This is truly awesome. Hopefully the world embraces this show as strongly as they do many negative things in hip-hop. Snoop is doing something great for the community and should get a round of applause for it.
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Wait...Snoop Dog mentoring little football players? Something doesn't seem right here...