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Marshawn Lynch has become a star in the NFL due to his stellar play and clever quotes (or lack of comments in moments) off the field.
His interaction with the media over the past couple of years has created some of the best highlights in sports. He literally coined the phrase "You Know Why I'm Here" in regards to the the NFL fines assessed via him refusing interviews.
Recently a company saw Marshawn's side of things, and decided to link with him in a commercial around one of his classic moments.

Lynch signed on for a “Stop Bugging Me” Pest Control commercial, and the results were pretty hilarious.

The group of journalists ask him a bunch of silly questions before a kid stands up and asks the right one, based on pest control.
While Marshawn often gets a bad rep in the media, he consistently shows in his commercials that he is a clever guy. I can't wait to see which company enlists his services next.
Sooo, if I call them to handle my spiders, will Marshawn Lynch come with?! I'd pay for that experience.
Wait, so Stop Bugging Me is a real product?!