So after the success and completion of The K-Pop Cuties Tournament (click to see the conclusion here) I asked you all if you would be interesting in another tournament, and what you guys would be interested in seeing.
Well, since our community is a wonderful and active place, many of you responded!
Now there were many ideas tossed around, but I decided on doing the rappers bracket first since many people seemed quite interested in that route.

I am doing a male version as well so please please please go and vote on that one as well,which you can find if you click on the link below.

Also, I should preface, I only include Idol Rappers, which are girls that are active in idol groups and in the idol world. There is a whole world of K-Hip Hop that I did not touch of solo women who are amazing, but I wanted this to be solely Idol rappers. Obviously some of these ladies are better than others, but if they are considered a rapper in their group, I put them.
Now, everything is arguable, but I tried my best to pick women that best represented the rapping Idol world (for better of for worse tbh) and I am sorry if I didn't include your favorite.
I am definitely not perfect and I made mistakes, and definitely with female groups since I was just sadly lacking knowledge.
Like before, my sister and I randomized the whole selection process so all of the pairings are purely coincidence and I am sorry if there are some pairings that seem like they should be in the final round here already in the first one (you'll know the one I'm talking about when you see it...)


*slightly different than the male version so please skim or read*
1. This week, there are 32 idols in the bracket (this bracket is much smaller than the male bracket). I will ask you to go down the numbered list (1-16) and pick out of each pair who you believe is the better rapper.
*******I know we all have different criteria for what makes a great rapper, but please try your best to vote on talents and what best fits the criteria you have assembled. I won't be thrusting my criteria on you guys since I don't think that is fair, so basically anything goes, I just want the judging to be on the rapping that the Idol presents and not on how lovable the Idol is. Also with the women, I included a lot of up and coming idol group rappers, so keep in mind talent does not necessarily mean longevity in the industry, but if that is important to you, by all means stick with that********
2. I will give us until Wednesday to vote. I will close the voting on Wednesday and tally.
3. During part 2, we will vote on the new pairings,and this will continue on until we get down to three idols on each side.
4. Since the numbering for our women's bracket is even, we will play the bracket all the way through til one woman on each side is left standing.
5. The final week we will vote between the two ladies,ultimately picking the K-Pop Queen Idol Rapper.
*****since there are less Idols on this bracket, this will be finished sooner than the mens, so the winners will be announced separately*****
Since this is an auditory bracket, I will include links which each pairing, sending you to a YouTube video showing off each person's skills in rapping. Feel free to look up more things of the Idol to get a feel of their talents. If my links somehow don't work, please look all the boos up.
1. Newsun (Sonamoo) VS Yuna Kim (The Ark)
2. D.ana (Sonamoo) VS Woori (Rainbow)
3. Dasom (2Eyes) VS Kemy (A.Kor)
4. Nada (Wa$$up) VS Jia (MissA)
5. Yubin (Wonder Girls) VS CL (2ne1)
6. Jiyoon (4Minute) VS Yezi (Fiestar)
7. Jimin (AOA) VS Minju (A.Kor)
8. Joy (Red Velvet) VS Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)
9. Lime (Hello Venus) VS LE (EXID)
10. Yeeun (CLC) VS Junhyun (Spica)
11. Lizzy (After School) VS Eunjung (T-ara)
12. Hyuna (4Minute) VS Hana (Secret)
13. Yura (Girl's Day) VS Way (Crayon Pop)
14. Irene (Red Velvet) VS Moonbyul (Mamamoo)
15. Amber (F(x)) VS Mimi (Oh My Girl)
16. Gaeun (DalShabet) VS Bora (Sistar)
Okay, so there we have it!
Hopefully all the links work, or you guys found videos or songs of the boys rapping on your own.
Please answer 1-16 in the comments, and once again you have until Wednesday.
In case of a tie, I will use my already selected vote for a tie breaker.
Please make sure to vote for the male version of this bracket as well!
(the link is at the top of this card)
I tagged you if you voted on the cuties tournament.
don't worry @baileykayleen I'm still going to vote. just taking some time to relisten and decide :) I like these. they're fun!
Too tired to make any intelligent decision, I'll choose tomorrow ^^
@shantalcamara if you wanna vote real quick I will count it :))))
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