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So thank you for creating this @AimeeH I love all of them!! So to start off my best friend had to be my bias TOP (well UB). My crush is my best friend. My secret admirer is Seungri. My best friend and crush takes me out. Taeyang takes me on a weekend cruise. I have children with Taeyang. My boyfriend is Taeyang. The jealous one is TOP. Daesung writes a love song for me (aww). And lastly my husband turns out to be none other than GD. So story time! - Seunghyun or TOP as he liked to be called have been best friends since we were little. As we got older I developed a crush on TOP but I knew deep down that he would see me as a friend more than liking me. We were in high school at the time and school had just started. I walked up to my locker to put my bag away and as I opened it a piece of paper dropped out onto the floor. I bent down and picked the paper up and started reading it. This note was from my secret admirer and said that the person liked me. I was obviously confused about who it was from. School had ended and I walked to my locker to get my belongings. I took my bag out and shut my locker. To my suprise TOP was standing there staring at me. I jumped out of shock and he started laughing at me. He then asked me if I wanted to go to get something to eat with him. I of course replied with a yes. I couldn't refuse my crush! The next day at school our teacher announced that there was going to be a new student. The new student came in and introduced himself. I took a good look at him and immediately thought he was cute (not as cute as my crush though). His name was Taeyang and he got assigned the seat next to me. We started talking to each other during class and after class had finished he joined me for lunch. We became very good friends after a while. Taeyang came up to me one day and told me he was going to take me out on a weekend cruise... just the two of us. Honestly I was pretty damn excited!! After a few months of knowing each other we had a fling with each other and ended up in bed with each other. A few weeks after that had happened I started to feel sick in the morning which resulted in me throwing up... I'd also feel nauseous around some foods and would crave other types of food. I went to the local pharmacy and picked up a pregnancy test just in case. When I got home I did the pregnancy test.. After it had been 5 minutes (or so) I checked the test and it had 2 lines.. positive.. So I went into school a few days later and saw Taeyang walking down the hall. I called out to him and told him I wanted to talk to him after school had finished and to meet me by my locker. -skip school- So I met Taeyang at my locker after school and told him I was pregnant with his children. At first I thought he would be mad and hate me forever but on the contrary he was pleased and even asked me to be his girlfriend. I was suprised and stood there in shock not saying anything but after a short while I came back to reality and answered his question with a yes. So now me and Taeyang are going out. However what I didn't know was that TOP secretly had a crush on me and got jealous of seeing me and Taeyang acting all couple-y. I didn't notice he was jealous and stayed with Taeyang. After a while TOP and I began to drift apart from each other. Taeyang had a friend called Daesung who I met a while ago. He began to like me even though he knows I'm with Taeyang. One day he called me into the music room and sat me down in front of him. He sat down with a guitar and started to play a song he gad written. He had finished his song and explained that the song was for me and he was confessing his love for me. I of course let him down and told him that I was with his friend and we shouldn't do anything that would hurt Taeyang. After 9 months I had a baby girl called Taeyeon. -skip on two years- Me and Taeyang were still together and going strong. However something happened that caused us to break up. One night we had an argument over a silly thing and I stormed out and went to a bar to get drunk. At the bar I met a guy called Jiyong. We started flirting with each other and ended up going to a hotel and I cheated on Taeyang. I felt guilty when I first woke up and knew I had to tell him. I arrived home and told Taeyang. Of course he was not happy and told me to pack my things up and get out. I apologised to him and he said we were breaking up. I went to pack my things up then left Taeyang who was crying. I texted Jiyong and asked if I could stay with him and if he could pick me up. He replied and said of course. I ended up moving in with Jiyong and after a year of getting to know each other we decided to date each other. A few more years later on our 4 year anniversary Jiyong proposed to me and I said yes. We got married and we ended up having children of our own. We are still married and are going strong. So yeah. That's it. The End.
@kpoplover492 you're very welcome! :D
Thank you so much! :D
@AimeeH I love these types of game type things. They are fun
@AimeeH I'm sure everyone including me is glad you decided to do this too
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