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Catch This Hilarious Shaq Impression By A YouTube Star

The art is impersonation isn't easy, but when perfected, is powerful.

No one knows that better than YouTube star BdotAdot, who has become a social media titan over the past year due to his HILARIOUS NBA player impersonation. The props are few, but the laughs come by the boatload. This guy really studies the players and has their gestures down pact.
Today he released a video focused on Shaq, the results were pretty sharp.
BdotADot captured lightning in the bottle again with his new YouTube video.
I love his Shaq impersonation. He had the walk, the signature stare at his hand after a made basket and his dunk perfectly. He even added some off the court behind the scenes antics for the fans.
Catch this one above, anyone who has seen Shaq play will love this one.
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LOL I didn't realize Shaq had such a specific walk. This makes me want to go back to watch old plays.
2 years ago·Reply
This is hilarious. I freakin love Shaq and I love this vid.
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