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First i want to say thank you to the wonderful @aimeeh for tagging me :) Second i want to say thank you to my phone for always being loyal to me lmao!
So here are my lovely results:
So Top is My Best Friend and we have been inseparable for years , hes truly my right hand man , hes always there for me no matter what. There was also another amazing guy in my life my adorable Crush Seungri , he was the biggest sweetheart ever so it was hard not to like him he definitely knew how to make me smile. Top and me were really close we told each other everything but what he didn't tell me was that he was my Secret Admirer, maybe he didn't want to ruin our friendship but the feelings were there , i could sense that Top had deeper feelings for me. I wasn't the only one to sense that , Seungri came while Top and I were walking at the park and told me hes Taking ME Out , i could tell Top was upset but come one you cant say no to Seungri. While we were enjoying our time at this amazing restaurant I caught the eye of a handsome stranger Daesung. He finally mustered up the courage and told me that he wanted to Take Me On A Weekend Cruise, i maybe hesitated for two seconds because of course he was a stranger but I decided to go because you definitely don't pass up going on a cruise for Free and with someone as handsome as Daesung. While on the cruise we had a blast , we danced , sang karaoke, and enjoyed the amazing view of the sunset across the ocean. Daesung decided to go to bed early and i stayed out to enjoy the view when me eyes happened upon and extremely beautiful view further down the deck.Who did i gaze upon you ask Young Bae! I seriously thought i was dreaming. Suddenly not only did our eyes meet but next thing i know he grabs me and we end up dancing at the cruise night club all night, one thing after the next and we wake up in his room. It was definitely a crazy night because next thing i know once i got back from the cruise i found out was pregnant. I couldn't believe that i Was Having Young Bae's Baby! I was extremely shocked because stupid me didn't even get his number or anything that night so , i didn't think id ever see him again. Time passed and me and Daesung started dating , he was the sweetest boyfriend ever and he wanted to help me take care of the baby once it was born even though he wasn't the father. Although he did show it i could tell Daesung was extremely Jealous , because we weren't having a baby together. Out of no where one night i got a call from a random number and it was non other than the beautiful stranger Young Bae. I was shocked when i answered and even more shocked that he was singing the Song He Wrote Me. Daesung obviously being as jealous as he was was not happy and we ended up breaking up.Young Bae and me dated for awhile but things were just way to rocky so we decided to just be friends for the sake of the baby. Fast foward to a few months later when the most amazing man ever come into my life......Jiyong. When we met it was literally love at first sight , things were so perfect it was like a fairy tale. He was perfect and he love the my son like he was his world. Things were going soo amazing after a few short months Jiyong finally proposed and we got Married! I seriously have the best Husband ever!
I apologize for this being so long lol i got a little carried away with my lovely results! I feel like my phone has been trying to tell me something and i think this challenge finally revealed it.....Me and Jiyong are meant to be hahahaha this is proof right here
Lol I can't imagine how happy you were when you got G-Dragon as ur husband. It's obviously meant to be!!! I'm posting mine soon too @Marilovexoxo
O.M.G I NEED TO KNOW YOUR MAGIC!!! YOU'RE PHONE IS THE REAL V.I.P!! I love this! Don't ever apologize for the length I love it!! go get your man!!
@amobigbang Here are my lovely results from the challenge
Lol thank you! @aimeeh i think my phone is just trying to make it up to me since the screen cracked , i definitely forgive it now haha
Yes! i was soo happy lol and Yay! i cant wait to see yours @wllmvns
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