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Here are my results! I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCED TO EVERYONE !! Lol @AimeeH
Best Friend: GD Crush : TOP Secret Admirer : TOP Takes You Out : Daesung Takes you on a Weekend Cruise: GD Have Children With: TOP Boyfriend: TOP Jealous One: GD Writes a Love Song For You: Sungri Husband: TOP
Okay so I wrote a short story too! (warning there maybe really bad grammar & spelling) So GD & I have been best friends for a longgg time! But it was never anything more than friendship. But when we were younger a new guy named TOP moved in & he became friends with us & I developed a crush on him But I never had the courage to confess so I always kept it to myself not even GD knew. What I didn't know is that TOP Was my secret admirer & he would leave things like flowers or chocolate on important days like my birthday or Valentine's day but he'd never confess to me. So one day Daesung came & asked to take me out & me being a nice person I agreed to go with him But that made TOP mad & that upset me because he wouldn't talk to me. & GD being a great best friend took me out on a weekend cruise to try to cheer me up, but I didn't know that TOP was also on that cruise. That night we both got so drunk & ended up sleeping together & I ended up pregnant with his kid. So He decided that was a great opportunity to tell me that he liked me & he became my boyfriend. But I ended up spending all of my time with TOP & that made GD really jealous because he was always by my side when something big happened in my life so to make him feel better he became the babies godfather. Sungri being a sweet heart wrote a love song for me & TOP on our wedding day as his present to us!
@herreravanessa9 awe shucks! I'm glad you're enjoying them dear!!
@AimeeH thank youuuu! & it's all thanks to your game !!
@herreravanessa9 omg! I love this!!! Yes to all of it!!