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So a message for each member hmmm this one is kind of hard Lol
Hyuk, I know in the beginning you had apprehensions about joining bc you were afraid Leo didn't accept you but you worked through your fear and decided to take a chance, now you guys are inseparable, even if Leo beats you up sometimes we know it's all in fun, Thnx for being the little brother the group needed
Hongbin, as the face of the group your like the big brother that guides his siblings, I hope that you continue being the light that guides long into the future, Thnx for always being there
N, our groups mom Lol, as the leader you have done whatever you had to protect your members, you always cheer the loudest and give them all your support, just make sure you don't internalize any of your feelings and remember that your feelings are just as important to the other members as theirs are to you, Thnx for all your hard work
Leo, Your quiet tough love is how you express your love for your group, we know that though you are tough with them you are the first to defend and that's why your known as the dad of the group, Thnx for being their rock
Ravi, always playing around and getting into trouble with Leo, you are the glue that holds together the family, you make sure that whatever problems arise are resolved quickly bc you want everyone to stay friends, but your always so hard on yourself and strive for perfection, I understand that without that drive you guys wouldn't be better everytime you step on stage but at the same time I hope you know your fans think you're perfect just the way you are, Thnx for all the fun times
Ken, our resident cutie pie, we all know that you feel you were picked for this group based on looks, and that may very well be true, but you stuck it out and you gave nothing less than 120% and I think that gives you every right to stand where you do, I hope that you realize how far you've come and never lose that fire, Thnx for never giving in
Love you guys to death and I'm glad to have become a starlight 。^‿^。