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Im excited lol!
My Best Friend is Daesung. Yay DLite I have a crush on Seungri (....why do I get all the idols that my sister loves as my crushes?) Secret Admirer is Daesung. Aww that cute little fuzzball! So GD is the one who takes me out. I mustve done something good in my past life.... Taeyang takes me on a weekend cruise. I have Children with TOP. Ive hit the jackpot! Boyfriend is Daesung. I have an angel as a boyfriend. Gd is Jealous. I feel like somethings wrong here. The great and almight GD being jealous...pssh 말도 안돼 Aww Taeyang wrote a love song for me. Lucky me. Ah I knew it! There seemed to be something fishy. My husband is GD, no wonder he was jealous.
well here was my result. I like Daesung but I kept getting GD. And Top shows up all of a sudden lol. Im not complaining though. @AimeeH Thanks for the tag!
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@adikiller thank you for participating ^●^ Your comments had me laughing!